Congresso Brasileiro de Sistemas, 14º Congresso Brasileiro de Sistemas

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Eliomar Araújo Lima, Luis Fernando Ramos Molinaro

Última alteração: 03/11/2018


This article discusses the main topics of interest that matter in defining a multidimensional vision capable of expanding the assessment horizons in order to deal with problem situations related to change and organizational development. In performing the descriptive and interpretive analysis of three Organizational Development (OD) projects in Brazilian public sector, based on systemic action research, it sets out a generic learning mechanism that support decision in complex scenarios. This mechanism allows decision makers to assess and diagnose problem situations in the development of their organizations through of a generic framework according to which information systems can be emerged. Most importantly, it provides a holistic and synergistic understanding of organizational functioning appropriate for the information age. Thus, the findings enabled to identify and explain four distinct dimensions that must be understood to pass from ill-structured problems to learning context until we find appropriate solutions options, which can be high-tech or low-tech.

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